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Our team of business professionals contribute their entrepreneurial flair, analytical capabilities and financial expertise to package tailor-made, professional solutions that make pure business sense so that you benefit from using assets and equipment, not buying them.

One Hassle-free Agreement

All elements of a Client’s capital equipment requirements can be rent under one agreement. Opex Rental also takes care of all paperwork requirements, freeing you to focus on running your business.

Off Balance Sheet

Opex Rental’s offer additional savings because they are accepted as ‘off balance sheet’ items and fully deductible during the rental period.

No Deposits

Opex Rental’s do not require a cash deposit outlay nor do they utilise existing finance facilities which means zero impact on your cash flow.

Greater Choice

 Opex Rental solutions are not limited to a few select brands or products and as such offer all Clients access the best products available on the market today.

In-House Actuarial capability

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Specialist in-house technology expertise

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