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Latest Technologies

Keeping operations cash positive and technologically efficient is a formidable task. By renting, companies are able to enjoy the latest technologies while keeping their debt to equity ratios low.


Rentals support and improve a company’s cash flow management, eliminating the increase in liabilities, resulting in superior returns on assets and more predictability in replacement cycles.

No Deposit

Rentals do not require a cash deposit outlay nor do they utilise existing finance facilities.

One Agreement

All elements of a client’s capital equipment requirements can be rented under one agreement, even software.

Rental Approval

Opex Rental operates within a broad spectrum of funders, investors and service providers on your behalf, providing our clients with a greater chance of contract approval.


VAT on rental is raised monthly, not capitalised up front, resulting in savings on early settlements and upgrades.

Off Balance Sheet

Rentals offer further savings because they are accepted as ‘off balance sheet’ items and fully deductible during the rental period.

Customised Solutions

Clients only pay monthly for the use of equipment. Each rental structures is custom designed to suit their specific business needs. Rentals assist in budgeting and cost management.

Business Sense

Our team of business professionals contribute their entrepreneurial flair, analytical capabilities and financial expertise to package solutions that makes pure business sense.


Opex Rental is one of the country’s fastest growing asset rental companies. We offer a broad range of specialist asset funding to companies regardless of size or market sector.

Opex competes head-on with large and medium sized finance houses, however we provide an agility and flexibility solution that bundles the capital equipment into a rental solution.  Together with  personalised service and attention to detail, Opex has built a formidable brand that is synonymous with flexible and innovative rental solutions to help ensure our customers  achieve their business goals.

A solid foundation of integrity and trust has created a unique service which offers innovative solutions, thriving partnerships and rapid results fulfilling our mission to “go the extra mile”

Quick Facts

* Technology, hardware, software and services rental
* In-house actuarial capability
* Specialist in-house technology expertise
* Same day approval
* Operate throughout Africa
* BEE certified

Rental Finance for our clients to their clients

To reinforce our clients’ on-going relationship with their own clients, Opex rental agreements can be created with in-house branding to provide one-stop product finance to their customers.

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